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Salwar Kameez- A Commonality Across Asia written by: jasmeetsup

Salwar Kameez is also called Shalwar Kameez as well as Shalwar Qameez in various parts of the asia. It is a traditional dress of Southern and Central region in Asia. In Afghanistan and Pakistan it is an unisex form of attire which is worn by both men and women however it is considered to be a feminine dress in India and Bangladesh where it is worn mostly by women.

Salwar are loose trousers resembling a pajama. It is stitched with the legs being wide at the upper part and gets narrow at the bottom near the ankle. You can find perfect ideas here

The kameez is a long shirt like a tunic most often with a western shirt styled collar when worn by men, however the female apparel is usually styled in Mandarin collars. The side seams are left open below the waist line to allow the backyard chicken raising wearer a great deal of freedom of movement. The kameez is usually cut flat and straight while being stitched. The older kameez used traditional cuts whereas the modern kameez have set in sleeves inspired by the European dresses. It is not about the overall cut, but in the decoration of the kameez with various types of work and designing the neckline that defines the tailor’s skill and taste. Click here

Modern day feminine kameez are usually less modest than their traditional versions. The kameez may be designed with a deep cut in neckline and sewn in glossy transparent fabrics or styled with mega short sleeve or even sleeveless. The kameez side seams could be split up high to the thigh level or even till the waistline designed to be worn with the salwar which is slung low on the hips. The Salwar kameez is referred to as a “Punjabi suit,” in United Kingdom.

The Salwar Kameez was popular originally in the Northern part in India but due to its own advantages of being very convenient and suitable in all climate types by varying the color, fabric, style and the level of embroidery. Salwar kameez became hit with the masses with its image as an attire that looks good and flatters almost any body type, it slowly gained its popularity across the country and started to be known as a modest substitute for Sari, the national dress of India. By varying the fabric, color and the level of embroidery also be made to suit practically all climates.

Often regarded as a ‘Muslim’ form of attire by some, the Salwar Kameez actually originated from Punjab- the land of the five rivers and now it has nearly completed the conquest of almost all of the South Asian clothesline. Throughout the Southern Asia, the clothing attire which is most commonly visible amongst the women is the ‘Salwar Kameez’. Though a simple piece of clothing, the Salwar Kameez has infact emerged as a very strong signpost of the identity of womanhood in South Asia as a dress accepted by women all over and completely all of it without consultation or planning. At most of the South Asian NGO conferences, you will be surprised to find that most women participants would be wearing one or the other forms of the Salwar kameez, whether they belong to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan or even the Maldives.

Articles of clothing such as the salwar dresses are usually hand-crafted and uniquely designed.

They are used for occasions such as balls, parties, and casual outdoor-wear. These ethnic clothes are very culturally influenced. People of the Middle East and parts of Asia take pride in how they create these commodities.

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